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Matthew Buonomano – Founder
Road To College™, Inc.

Matthew Buonomano brings his outstanding technology architecture and design experience with a strong understanding of managing technology start-up business to Road To College. With more than 20 years of programming and development experience, Matthew provided the technology experience to create a website that could support the changing business needs in the world of educational consulting and college planning. He led technology development efforts with Road To College from 2003-2005 as a founding partner to create a platform that was sustainable and expandable as business needs evolved.

In 2005, Matt began his own start-up development firm and independent contracting work, first with Gemstone Software Group, LLC which managed small to medium sized projects in the .Net space including Windows Applications for C# and VB.Net; specialized in Asp.Net web applications. Also did .Net training and certification boot camps as a Microsoft Certified Trainer.

Matthew Buonomano was a Senior Technical Architect at and currently leads a private technology consulting and development practice. Matthew Buonomano came to Monster via the acquisition of Web Tech Partners as a web application engineer in 2000. From 2002-2003, Matthew Buonomano has held a leading role as a senior site architect, leading the transition to Microsoft .Net development. This role required taking the lead in the training effort in .Net for all developers for TMP Worldwide, North America and International. He developed a custom training course in .Net technologies for Monster - ASP.Net, ADO.Net, Web Services, and C# programming and delivered this training internally to TMP employees. Prior to building the .Net platform architecture for Monster, he managed teams of 3-6 people for integration of MonsterTRAK and development of, Monster's prototype foray into Skilled & Hourly recruitment. He returned to Monster in 2007 as a lead architect on the enterprise and site architecture team. Managed internal enterprise software library called the Monster Global Framework which provided foundational services support (logging, event management, caching and cryptography providers, database connection string management, etc) across several hundred applications and components including the key public facing web applications.

Prior to Monster, Matthew Buonomano spent three years from 1997-2000 working for Web Technology Partners as an Internet Application consultant. During his tenure with Web Technology Partners, Matthew Buonomano spent significant time building and starting internet technology businesses. He was responsible for developing: the inventory system component for Blockbuster Video’s web site and the transaction systems for OrderTrust and its clients, which included Skymall and SaveSmart.

Matthew Buonomano also has an incredible mathematical programming background, spending five years working for Gerber Scientific, Inc. of South Windsor, Connecticut from 1993-1996 and for Applied Mathematics, Inc. of Ledyard, Connecticut from 1991-1993. At Gerber Scientific, Matthew Buonomano was a mathematical programmer and worked on Artificial Intelligence tools and algorithms for CAD system for the garment industry. At Applied Mathematics, Inc., he was a mathematical programmer who worked on tactical evasion algorithms for the submarine Navy.

Matthew Buonomano received a B.S. Applied Math from Yale University in 1990 and a M.S. Computer & Science from RPI (Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute) in 1998.

Road to College, Admissions Consulting Services