Junior/Senior Programs

Multiple programs are offered to assist juniors and seniors regardless of when families choose to engage during the school year or in the summer. Application Preparation is the perfect option for second semester juniors through senior year to help your student through the application process. The Admissions Planning for Juniors options provide students entering or early in the junior year with mentoring and planning for what is to come down the road. The Admission Revue™ is an excellent opportunity to hear an admissions officer's perspective on a student's candidacy in a short term engagement.

Admissions Planning for Juniors

These comprehensive packages are for early stage junior year to provide students and parents with a strategic approach to the college admissions process. There will be a great deal of flexibility in how the student utilizes Road to College services, and we will work with you to create custom plans that allow the student to focus his/her energy on affecting change, improving his/her credentials and finding the colleges that fit their talents and interests.

The Planning Programs for juniors include the following services:

  • Transcript and Curriculum assessment and recommendations
  • Academic and Career Exploration
  • College fit assessment and school recommendations
  • Creation of an extracurricular plan
  • FOCUS™ and Admission Revue™ reports completed as assesment tools during junior year
  • One on one coaching sessions with a former college admissions officer
  • College search, fit and campus visit strategies


This program is to be utilized early in the junior year or end of sophomore year in order to provide students with a personalized admissions plan with action items to help the student take the necessary steps to stand out from the competition.

Deluxe Planning for Juniors

The Deluxe Planning for Juniors Program provides the student with a strategic plan that evaluates the student’s academic, extracurricular and admissions credentials. In addition, the program includes a one hour introductory call plus a one hour consultation with a former college admissions officer to provide the student the added knowledge that will help improve his/her college admissions credentials.

Premier Planning for Juniors

The plan is designed to help the student improve his /her admission credentials, to find programs and activities that will inspire and challenge the student and to explore career, academic and colleges that fit each of his/her personality and career/college objectives. The goal of the program is to help the student find schools that he /she will be excited to attend regardless of admission selectivity. This program includes four hours of consulting.

Select Planning for Juniors

This program is ideal for students who are getting started very early in junior year (or summer prior to junior year). This custom service is for parents and students who want a more regular and intensive mentoring and planning model in terms of phone, video-conference and face-to-face conversations. This program includes seven hours of consulting.

College Consulting for student athletes
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