Junior/Senior Programs

Multiple programs are offered to assist juniors and seniors regardless of when families choose to engage during the school year or in the summer. Application Preparation is the perfect option for second semester juniors through senior year to help your student through the application process. The Admissions Planning for Juniors options provide students entering or early in the junior year with mentoring and planning for what is to come down the road. The Admission Revue™ is an excellent opportunity to hear an admissions officer's perspective on a student's candidacy in a short term engagement.

Admission Revue™

Former admissions officers review your candidacy through a mock application, creating a 12+ page personal admission plan

The Admission Revue™ provides the student with a strategic plan that evaluates his or her academic, extracurricular and admissions credentials. Our network of former college admissions officers will spend 3 – 4 hours using evaluative tools and methods as they did when they worked in their respective admissions offices to research, write, and provide the student with an "insider" analysis of the admissions "case".

Admission Revue™ Includes

Easy to Complete Questionnaire

  • Complete our Admissions Revue™ Questionnaire by filling out our online application and submitting the data to your Road to College consultant.
  • Attach your high school transcript, high school profile, recommendations and any other documents that the student would like the Road to College consultant to review for the analysis.

Comprehensive Plan from Former Admissions Officers

  • A former college admissions professional will review the student's materials to give an expert's eye into the application credentials
  • Our consultant will provide an academic assessment evaluating transcript, test scores and other important academic data
  • Analysis of extracurricular activities rating the depth , accomplishment and the significance that these activities will have in the college admission process
  • Application strengths and perceived weaknesses will be revealed through our gap analysis
  • Our consultant will provide a review of the student’s first choice schools and conduct a fit analysis
  • College list that fits the student’s profile as well as preferences and interests
  • Year by year personalized admissions plan to give the student action items and help him /her stand out from the competition

Robust Web-based Report

  • 12+ page report contains data, analysis and information about the colleges the student is most interested in attending
  • Report is available both as a web based document and as a PDF


Whether you are a freshman, sophomore, or junior the Admission Revue™ takes a snapshot of where you stand today and provides a guide to improve your credentials, market your strengths and minimize perceived weaknesses.

Admission Revue™

Complete our online mock application/questionnaire, and we'll complete a personalized analysis and review with our Admission Revue™ report within three business days.

Deluxe Admission Revue™

We'll coordinate a one hour coaching call with the student and complete our 12+ page Admission Revue™ report post-consultation.

College Consulting for student athletes
Schedule time to talk about your student athlete - simply call or submit an information request.


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