Junior/Senior Programs

Deluxe Application Preparation

We'll support you in all facets of completing up to five applications. This includes essay coaching/editing, resume writing, application reviews, unlimited email access, and three hours of 1-1 coaching (in person or through video-chat) through November deadlines.

Premier Application Preparation

For the student and parents who are looking for an in-depth one-on-one program. The consultant will work with the student throughout the search and application process to create an application strategy, work on essays and supplemental material. This plan is ideal with its extended consulting hours and support structure. This program includes seven hours of consulting.

Select Application Preparation

This program is ideal for students who are getting started early in junior year. This custom service is for parents and students who want a more regular and intensive coaching model in terms of phone, video-conference and face-to-face conversations. This program includes eleven hours of consulting.

Ultimate Application Preparation

This program is designed for students who take an active role in the college planning process with Road To College™ early in junior year. The Ultimate program is designed to create a framework that stimulates regular conversation and meetings with students throughout the course of junior and senior year while helping to position themselves in the college admissions process. This program includes fourteen to fifteen hours of consulting.

Admission Revue

Our network of former college admissions officers will spend 3 – 4 hours using evaluation tools and methods as they did when they worked in their respective admissions offices to research, write, and provide you with an "insider" analysis of your admission "case."

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