Junior/Senior Programs

Multiple programs are offered to assist juniors and seniors regardless of when families choose to engage our services. Whether you begin during the school year or in the summer, we’ll develop a personalized plan that suits your needs. Our Application Preparation programs offer a customized planning curriculum and mentoring services that are personalized based on the number of coaching hours you choose and the time at which the student begins his or her engagement.

Application Preparation

Your college coach will walk you through all aspects of the entire college application process.

Application preparation plans are retainer-based programs that are designed to offer as much support as the student and family needs. Our staff of former college admission professionals works one-on-one to create an admissions and application strategy that fits the needs and strengths of each individual student. Whether you begin working with us prior the start of junior year, during the second semester of grade 11, or during the summer after junior year, we’ll create a customized model for you.

For families beginning in the spring of junior year or during the summer after grade 11, our team focuses on developing an application plan that moves right into the application and essay writing process. There will be a great deal of flexibility in how the student utilizes Road to College services, and we will work with you to create custom plans that allow the student to focus his/her energy on affecting change, improving his/her credentials and finding the colleges that fit their talents and interests.

These programs include:

  • One on one coaching sessions with a former college admissions officer
  • Transcript and curriculum assessment and recommendations
  • Academic and career exploration with tools such as FOCUS™ career assessments and our Admission Revue™ mock-application analysis during junior year
  • Creation of an extracurricular plan
  • College fit assessment, college planning/search support, and campus visit strategies
  • Creation and development of a detailed list of colleges to consider
  • Six-month subscription to “How To Ace the College Interview”- our 60-minute interview preparation video
  • Creation of activities resume
  • Personalized admission schedule and timeline
  • Essay topic development, analysis and editing for the Common Application essay, and for supplemental essays where applicable
  • Assist in positioning the student’s application and candidacy to colleges
  • Parent coaching sessions
  • Unlimited email support

For larger programs, students will additionally receive access to your consultant through text messaging and additional consulting time. The programs can be split over two academic years.


We'll support you in all facets of the process based on when you begin your engagement. From early mentoring support to college planning/college search work to college application support focused on completing all of your applications, our Application Program will provide you with a comprehensive approach to the application process.

Deluxe Application Preparation

We'll support you in all facets of completing up to five applications, which includes essay support, positioning your case and preparing you for on-campus and alumni interviews for these applications. If you are looking for a comprehensive plan at an affordable price, then the Deluxe program is for you. This program includes three and one half hours of consulting. The ideal plan for clients interested in a shorter-term retainer program.

Premier Application Preparation

For the student and parents who are looking for a cost effective one-on-one program. The consultant will work with the student throughout the search and application process to create an application strategy, work on essays and supplemental materials, as well as provide interview preparation for all of the colleges on the applicant’s list. This plan is ideal with comprehensive consulting and support that includes unlimited email access throughout the entire process. This program includes seven hours of consulting.

Select Application Preparation

This program is ideal for students who are getting started early in junior year. This custom service is for parents and students who want a regular and intensive coaching model in terms of phone, video-conference and face-to-face conversations. This program includes eleven hours of consulting, plus unlimited email and text access through the entire application process.

Ultimate Application Preparation

This program is designed for students who take an active role in the college planning process with Road to College early in junior year or for those interested in a more frequent meeting schedule. The Ultimate program is designed to create a framework that stimulates regular conversation and meetings with students throughout the course of junior and senior year while helping to position themselves in the college admissions process. This program includes fourteen to fifteen hours of consulting.

Admission Revue™

Former admissions officers review your candidacy through a mock application, creating a 12+ page personal admission plan

The Admission Revue™ provides the student with a strategic plan that evaluates his or her academic, extracurricular and admissions credentials. Our network of former college admissions officers will spend 3 – 4 hours using evaluative tools and methods as they did when they worked in their respective admissions offices to research, write, and provide the student with an "insider" analysis of the admission "case".

Admission Revue™ Includes

Easy to complete questionnaire

  • Complete our Admissions Revue™ questionnaire by filling out our online application and submitting the data to your Road To College™ consultant
  • Attach your high school transcript, high school profile, recommendations and any other documents that the student would like the Road to College consultant to review for the analysis

Comprehensive Plan from Former Admissions Officers

  • A former college admissions professional will review the student's materials to give an expert's eye into the application credentials
  • Our consultant will provide an academic assessment evaluating transcript, test scores and other important academic data
  • Analysis of extracurricular activities rating the depth , accomplishment and the significance that these activities will have in the college admission process
  • Application strengths and perceived weaknesses will be revealed through our gap analysis
  • Our consultant will provide a review of the student’s first choice schools and conduct a fit analysis
  • College list that fits the student’s profile as well as preferences and interests
  • Year by year personalized admissions plan to give the student action items and help him /her stand out from the competition

Robust Web-based Report

  • 12+ page report contains data, analysis and information about the colleges the student is most interested in attending
  • Web-based and downloadable reports available


Whether you are a sophomore or junior, the Admission Revue™ takes a snapshot of where you stand today and provides a guide to improve your credentials, market your strengths and minimize perceived weaknesses.

Admission Revue™

Complete our online mock application/questionnaire, and we'll complete a personalized analysis and review with our Admission Revue™ report within three business days.

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